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How to become an active Citizen of We Share Abundance and generate income by serving and sharing love.

  1. Register by completing the registration form. Get full instructions here
  2. Verify your email address. See first video here
  3. Complete your profile. See second video here
  4. Add your Wallet Address where we will send your withdrawals. See bottom video here and step by step instruction list below the video 
  5. Stake Pools to increase your income ( Staking all 6 Pools within 48 hours of registration for $100 WESA will get you an instant $25 cash back to your US$ Wallet) Learn how to Stake Pools here
  6. Log in each day here and log out each day (based on server time which is UTC same as GMT)
  7. Read any messages in your inbox as a service to your fellow members (see Small Print)
  8. Share the love by letting people have your referral link ( available from the dashboard in your member area)

That's It! Never worry about or chase money again, just enjoy being a member of our Cloud Nation.