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Options To Increase Your Income

We all like to make more money for the same effort and that is exactly what these options offer.

How to stake a Pool and Make 50% Profit Every Month

It is important to understand that they are just options and that you can start earning income without ever putting your hand in your pocket.
It is also impoortant to understand that as a FREE Member you can earn from completing tasks and from commissions on any purchases made by your referrals, BUT you may not make any withdrawals. You MUST use your income or part of it to join at least one of our pools before you can make any withdrawals.
Pool memberships range from just $2 a month to a total of $100 a month and as long as you log in daily to use the system, all are not only self funding, but will provide you with a monthly profit.
The income received, for the various levels of membership, just by logging in as as follows…

So you can see that for doing exactly the same thing your income will range from 30 cents for a 30 day month to as much as $150 for a 30 day month!
In addition each pool you join has its own 100% passive income plan (see more details here) and allows you to get your message out to many more people. So, if you want to open up 7 income streams with a guaranteed minimum income of $150 a month, just from logging in each day, become an Elite Member NOW!
If the joining fee is beyond your reach at this time, then join as many pools as you can and if you can’t even manage $2 then take the longer route of working your way through each level using the income you generate each month.
As a guide starting free and never making any withdrawals, sales or referrals, but just using the system each day, it will take 13 months to reach Elite Membership.
The table below shows how progress can be made and it is clear that the lowest level takes longer to reach the next level.

From Pool 1 to Pool 2 takes 3 months to achieve, Pool 2 to Pool 3 takes 2 months as does Pool 3 to Pool 4, and Pool 4 to Pool 5 takes just 2 months and the leap from Pool 5 to Elite is only 3 months.
The higher you start the faster you will reach maximum income potential!
Now the choice is yours; select the level of membership you desire now; each level will be added to your cart (each pool is an additional payment) where you can make just one single payment…..
NOTE: When completing your purchases at the cart you will have the option to select PayPal at the rates shown below; Bitcoins for a 10% discount or WESA Tokens for a 20% discount. The rates shown in brackets are for payment with WESA Tokens.

Pool Staking Explained….

Staking is NOT a purchase!

Pools may be joined by staking WESA Tokens. Although shown in the same way as a purchase, staking differs in that the coins staked always remain yours and are returned over a set contract period which is 1 calendar month.

Free members are granted a stake which is held by the company and allows a free member to earn rewards which may only be used to join Pools or purchase any service or product offered in the WeShareAbundance website.

The contract requires you to log in to your account daily and in return you will be rewarded a fixed daily sum which includes the return of your Stake. The sum differs for each pool as set out below. If a day is missed by not logging in then the total reward, including return of Stake, for that day is lost and cannot be redeemed.

This follows the ‘Proof of Stake’ protocol used in mining Crypto Currencies and your ‘Proof of Stake’ is an allocation of your WESA tokens held for the set contract period that allows you to earn increased rewards.

The benefits of being a Pool member extend beyond the rewards for logging in and include increased messaging and greater rewards for any additional tasks performed.

Pools must be entered in order and so benefits for all Pools include the benefits of the previous Pools. Example Pool 2 members are also eligible for Pool 1 and FREE Pool benefits.

To stake a Pool select Pool Options from the drop down menu in your members' area.