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This community is founded on the belief that God's Abundance exists for all mankind and that by sharing His Abundance we do God's will.

WE Share Abundance – The Concept

Why we are different and what we actually are is what many people don’t understand?

First and foremost we are a new community. To help you understand if we look at the nation of Israel we can see many similarities.

Israel was founded in 1948 and ceded land that had no great resources such as oil or precious metals etc. For the most part it was barren desert. The State of Israel became a home for immigrants from many countries who were mainly but not exclusively of Jewish faith.

These immigrants were the nation’s greatest resource because they had a will to work as one for the benefit of the community as a whole. What they have achieved in the past 70 years is nothing short of a miracle, turning the desert into highly productive agricultural areas and developing their own technology and economy.

 The economy of Israel is a highly advanced free-market, primarily knowledge-based economy. Israel ranks 22 on the latest report of the UN's Human Development Index, which places it in the category of "Very Highly Developed", allowing the country to enjoy a higher standard of living than many other Western countries.

All this has been achieved through the “Power Of One” each person taking a responsibility the help the “One Community” to prosper for the benefit of all.

They have faced many obstacles along the way and will no doubt face many more. One major hurdle was the runaway inflation prior to the 1986 replacement of the old Shekel with the New Shekel but now Israel has one of the strongest economies in the world all because of its greatest resource, its community!

WE Share Abundance is a new Community, an Internet State and our greatest and only real resource is the members of our community, who are welcomed from all nations and backgrounds and who have a will to work as One for the benefit of the community as a whole. Naturally we have our own structure, laws and regulations to protect all and that should be respected as you respect the laws of your country of residence. The structure of our community is set up in such a way that every member is a benefit to all other members through the “Power Of One”.

We also have our own economy and currency with a knowledge based economy. All our members are unique and have unique talents to bring to the community as a whole and all are treated equally in every way and have the same opportunity to grow and share the abundance we create. Each member is “One” and a part of the “One Community” guided by the divine will of “One God”.

Regarding our currency, if we look at the emergence of Crypto Currencies and especially Bitcoin which was first released in 2009, we can learn from the short history. When Bitcoin first arrived it had no value and was regarded as a passing fad only accumulated by a few nerds and with no practical use. In May 2010, a year after its release, the first purchase using Bitcoin happened when 2 pizzas were purchased for 10,000 Bitcoin. Within 5 days a small part of the world began to see that there was more to Bitcoin that first thought and the price increased 1,000% to 8 cents each.

Bitcoin has no nation behind it, no product or service to back it but since 2010 has grown in value to thousands of dollars each creating many millionaires along the way. It is a speculative coin and although now accepted in many stores 98% of the people who buy Bitcoin hold it as an investment.

WE Share Abundance has its own currency in the WESA Token, but unlike Bitcoin it is unique among the many thousands of other Cryptos in that it has a Guaranteed Minimum Value within our community. This is a value programmed into the extremely limited issue of new WESA Tokens and in such a way that the value can never be reduced and only increase. The effect of this in the free market is that from a few cents in May 2019 our currency now trades on the Wave’s Exchange at around $12 each.

WE Share Abundance is a community with a mission. True, our members seek to improve their own financial worth as do members of all communities throughout the world, but they do so in keeping with our mission and through the “Power Of One”.

Our mission is to build a community of like minded people who seek more than just material gains. A community built around service to others, and in doing so create a sustainable income plan helping all members find hope and extra income through making the WESA Token a valuable asset. Abundance of Peace, Hope, Harmony, Health, Wealth, Happiness and Love are our goals and are the birthright of all people everywhere.

Through creating abundance within our community we will also generate additional income to be used for charitable work focused on curing the causes of suffering rather than treating the symptoms.

Some of our initial charitable goals will include…

  • Taking orphans to Disneyland to foster hope and love in their hearts

  • Bringing pure water to those who have thirst

  • Creating agriculture where there is famine

  • Planting trees as a part of the agriculture to help our planet

  • Financing schools to teach life skill not just academics

YOU are invited to join us; all are welcome here and all are welcomed with love.